Olsons Closer

Olson's Closer... https://vimeo.com/368847959

  • Uses ZERO Sleight of hand. 
  • Is a FULLY AUTOMATIC gaffed deck of playing cards.
  • CUSTOM PRINTED USPCC Red Bicycle Playing Cards.
  • INSTANTLY RESETS after each performance.
  • Will make them believe you're a WIZARD with a deck of cards!
  • Has so many moments of AMAZEMENT!

Olson's Closer Pro Pack Includes:

  • Full Deck of specially printed playing cards.
  • PDF with Photo of the Complete Set-Up for Easy Prep.
  • Instructional Video with Two LIVE Performances 
  • Wizard Magic Review gave Olson's Closer 100%

Olsons Closer

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  • Olson closer is a complete card routine add this killer effect to your own repertoire EASILY & QUICKLY because there is ZERO SLEIGHT OF HAND! The deck essentially does the trick FOR YOU!